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Itineraries Iseo Lake and Franciacorta

Itineraries: Iseo Lake and Franciacorta

Located in a region that is rich in outdoor proposals, Iseo Bike designs the sport activity according to your wishes, such as bike or Mountain Bike itineraries and walks, which you can find well described in this page. Prepare to discover historical villages, ancient medieval monasteries, Italian distinctive landscapes, orchards and olive groves, a hilly landscape and mountain peaks overlooking the lake, as well as unique natural wonders, such as the Nature Reserve "Torbiere del Sebino" (peat bogs) or the "Piramidi" (hoodoos) in Zone. You can decide between a self-guided and a guided cycling tour.
Brescia-Paratico cycle track
Distance: 60 Km (round trip) Duration: h 4:30 Grade: easy
Paratico-Palazzolo cycle track
Distance: 40 Km (round trip) Duration: h 3:00 Grade: easy
Monte Isola cycle track
Monte Isola
Distance: 9 Km flat/hilly road, 15 Km whith climbing to the Sanctuary Duration: h 1:00 or h 1:30 (with climbs) Grade: easy along the flat/hilly road, strenuous climbing to the Sanctuary
Vello-Toline cycle track
Distance: 10 Km (round trip) Duration: h 1:00 Grade: easy
Torbiere del Sebino cycle track
Torbiere del Sebino
Distance: 10 Km Duration: h 1:00 Grade: no difficulties
The Gimondibike
The Gimondibike
Distance: 37 Km Duration: h 3:30 Grade: strenuous
Iseo Lake cycle track
Iseo Lake
Distance: 65 Km Duration: h 4:00 Grade: easy-moderate
Piramidi di Zone (hoodoos) - Mount Guglielmo
Piramidi di Zone (hoodoos) - Mount Guglielmo
Distance: 58 Km (round trip) Duration: h 4:00 Grade: strenuous
Itineraries Iseo Lake and Franciacorta