Panorama dal Monte Guglielmo
Piramidi di Zone
Salita al Monte Guglielmo
Piramidi di Zone (hoodoos)-Mount Guglielmo
Zone Monte Guglielmo
Piramidi di Zone (hoodoos)-Mount Guglielmo
Distance: 58 Km (round trip)
Duration: h 4:00
Grade: strenuous
Right type of bike: mountain bike
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This track, which requires good training, starts from Marone, where you can park your car near the Town Hall. Once got on your bicycle and crossed the railway line, go up towards Zone. The track offers from the very start breathtaking views of Iseo Lake. After some bends you reach a straight section at the end of which you can enjoy to the left a beautiful view of the so-called "Piramidi di Erosione" (rock pyramids resulting from erosion).

Go on until you reach Cislano, where a well signposted closed track allows you to closely admire this unique natural phenomenon.

Once back on your bicycle, following the road to Zone, turn right onto a wide and easy dirt road leading to the Croce di Marone hut.

After having passed by the Malpensata farm, you reach the first shieling "Guglielmo di Sotto". The road keeps on rising and gets harder due to the uneven rocky surface. Once reached the second shieling "Guglielmo di Sopra", you can see the Almici mountain hut where the effort of the ascent is immediately repaid by the beautiful view. On clear sunny days, you can even see the Alps and the Apennines.

Leaving your bicycle at the mountain hut, you can walk to the Monument to the Redeemer.
You can go back following the same road, which is now all downhill.